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Jessica's choice of matches

Jessica's choice of matches
Oil on Canvas


So 'Jessica's choice of matches' came about from a sort of internal inspiration, not meaning to sound naff so I'll explain. I was in the garden and it was quite bright out, a reflection of sunlight caught my eye. It must have imprinted on my iris as every time I blinked I could see it and it kind of looked like a whale. I don't very often paint "things" but I decided to shoot up to my studio and paint it before it vanished. Slowly painting started to come about in my mind it was an under the seascape with a bit of ice and aurora borealis thrown in for good measure (I'll let you decide). Anyway, Jess came for a look and gave me some feedback which she often does and said she wasn't keen on the light green I had used, she felt it should be darker. Anyway I pondered on this and when on the way to bed I noticed Jess had bought these unusual matches with amazing green heads and put them in a pot, an addition to the many ephemera collected over the years and I thought thats it! that's the green!

If you have any questions about this painting or would like to buy it please drop me a line. Thank you, Adam.


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