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We ate chips...

Oil pastel on paper


One of my artworks from my 'Blue People' series is a reflection of the challenges of maintaining a father and child relationship post divorce. As they move into their teens and twenties they are starting to socialise more with friends in their free time and as I cant be there when they get home after, time with them is even more scarce and precious. I am lucky as I still see my two fairly frequently and I work hard at staying in touch, although its been a long time since I have enjoyed the laying on the sofa feet on your lap relax TV watching kinda easy night with them. It tends to be meet in cafes, restaurants and walks in the park.


However I call this one 'We ate chips' it was inspired from our first holiday together  for a few years. When they were little we often ate chips on the sea front wall so it was great to do it again now they are older.

If you have any questions please drop me a line.

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