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They Wouldn't Let Me Take IT

They Wouldn't Let Me Take It
Oil, ink and pencil
Framed with a black wood Jacksons Tray frame


Inspired by a piece of board I found in a workshop at university during my short time there. The board had been well used for many tasks and had collected the most amazing colours and textures that really resonated with me. I asked the technician if I could take it and use it for inspiration for artwork and then return it in the usual fashion sadly he said no and locked it away, probably never to be seen again which was a real shame,  I even offered to buy it but his mind was made up. Sadly it was this negative culture that let the university down. Students must be seen and not heard !! Thankfully, I had committed the board to memory and used it for inspiration some time later. I have also found a much more inspiring, open minded, creative and encouraging place to continue my studies!

If you want to know more about this artwork or would like to buy it please drop me a line

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