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I'm Adam and this website showcases some of my artwork that is available. I'm born and bred in Hertfordshire but currently living in north west London.

Painting has always been a passion of mine and now I'm seeking to turn my love of art into creating unique pieces for all to enjoy.

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My Story

Shapes and colours from the world around me is what really inspires my art. Things that catch my eye colours, shapes, objects and nature, no matter how random, this is where the process starts. I then recreate that inspiration as a sketch to record elements such as shape, tone, and light which eventually transforms into my studio work.


So often inspiration will come from other work I have made, maybe some colours together or a particular brush stroke. Often a mark left behind on the easel or painting board, or maybe a tree or a landscape. 


I first found an interest in art from my school days. My parents divorced when I was quite young which meant I moved around a lot as a child and attended many schools which affected my academic progress, but it was art that was always a consistent for me as it came more naturally to me, and wherever I went, art was always art. 


Following school, life took over, job, marriage, children, life challenges. It wasn't always easy and being creative was put on the back burner so my passion for art was buried for many years. The national lockdown in 2020 was the catalyst to bringing my love of art to the surface again.


My partner, Jess bought me a watercolour set and it started from there. I began drawing and using watercolour which progressed to oil painting. I shared my work on Instagram and received some really positive feedback which gave me the confidence to keep going.


I was painting mostly landscapes, some online feedback compared a painting of mine to work by Lois Dodd which intrigued me to learning more about her work. I studied her techniques and it inspired new realms in my paintings. I dabbled with displaying work on Etsy to engage interest in my work and sold some pieces, which inspired me to make the bold move into becoming a full-time artist.


My favourite practices are painting, printing and ceramics and will often transform artwork from one to the other. I love creating unique artwork from each and with the pottery, it’s a feeling like no other working directly with your hands to make something. I was first exposed to printing and pottery at university where my journey began with print and pottery after being opened up to the possibilities of spanning across all three.


I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work at several exhibitions across London and the Cotswolds and want to continue producing artwork that appeals to people.


My aim is to keep evolving as an artist and creating interesting alternative artwork.


Feel free to contact me and see if we can work together.

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